Policy Administration

Agents / Inhouse / Responsive Web / Custom App

If your distribution is via outside agents, we can expose a broker portal such that only their policies are available and allow only endorsements that you desire each to be able to perform. Otherwise convenient in-house web based applications are provided, as well as a responsive external customer self-service portal. We also provide a customized app for your customers to manage their policy to the extent that is desired according to your corporate philosophy.


Automobile (both standard and non-standard), home/rental/condo and life insurance are all supported within our framework.

Policy Edition Difference Display

We can display a clear list of what aspects of a policy was altered between one policy version and any other edition of the policy.

Out of Sequence Endorsements

Instead of having to roll back endorsements when mistakes are made, we can rate and insert out of sequence changes between other endorsements according to your specific rules and desired limitations.

Renewals and all policy versions in one place

Your entire history with each customer, along with all documents and accounting transactions for each customer event are displayed in a simple and clear list in one central location.

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