Benefits you should expect from AIT’s system:

  • Lower Expense Ratio

    Due to the inherent benefits that come from the automation present in AIT’s policy management system, expect at least a couple of points to come off of your expense ratio.

  • Less Call Volume

    Our intuitive and robust customer on-line self-service framework allows customers to handle practically all of their needs without having to place an expensive customer service call.

  • More Satisfied Customers

    Many surveys have shown that customers favor companies which allow, should they choose, them to handle their own transactions on-line and where they feel more in control and knowledgeable about the products and services they are receiving. AIT provides the simplicity and control that customers are looking for.

  • Reduced Employee Training

    Our simple web based applications are a snap for your employees to use to begin serving your customers with a minimum of training required.

  • Greater Access to Information

    Our data storage methodology provides for extensive reporting possibilities and data mining using any of several industry BI vendors.

  • Simple System Maintenance

    Maintaining rates, rules, modifying process flows, and page content are a cinch with our framework.