About Adaptive Information Technologies

Headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, AIT is a leading provider of insurance and premium finance software designed to provide direct to consumer carriers with a framework to deliver their product to customers as well as manage policies internally in a very flexible, easy, and intuitive manner.

Our Approach
Extensive industry experience in both developing policy management applications as well as observing approaches taken by rivals has led AIT to be able select the best overall approach that combines the simplicity of not losing sight of the overall objective, selling and managing insurance, with the flexibility of being able to customize almost all facets of the delivery and back office aspects of your operation. We give you the tools to be able to express your company as you see fit in a framework that abstracts many complex aspects of implementation.

Executive Team

Dr. James A. Holland, President, Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder
Dr. Holland posses both a Ph.D. in Computer Science as well as 15 years of industry experience in leading the design and implementation of policy management, premium finance, and claims applications. Dr. Holland has served as the Senior VP of Information Systems for USAgencies Casualty Insurance Company as well as Chief Information Officer for Merastar Insurance Company. During his professional career, Dr. Holland has gained an extensive understanding of the practical needs of insurance carriers as well as the know how to effectively deliver custom written software products to meet these needs.

Mr. Gregory W. Tramontin, Vice President and Cofounder
Mr. Tramontin has served as the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and founder of several successful direct to consumer insurance companies, most recently USAgencies Casualty Insurance Company. Mr. Tramontin is not only intimately aware of all aspects of the practical needs of an insurance operation, but has a keen eye for automation and has been invaluable in supplying suggestions for software system improvements. Mr. Tramontin has over 30 years experience as an insurance company executive and in the implementation of software systems to provide efficiency and functionality for successful insurance operations.